Recommended Venue List

We understand that your first concern can be finding the right location for your event. And with the dozens of other tasks that you have to do, finding a location can be a tedious chore. Listed below are 5 of our most recommended venues. However we have many more locations at which we cater. Simply tell your us what you are looking for and he or she will be more than happy to locate a venue in your price range with the options that you are looking for.

Steep Hill Beach, Ipswich
Contact: Laura Daley (978-356-4351)
          What is better than to have a barbecue or clambake on a private lawn overlooking the Atlantic Ocean?! You can play volleyball, bask in the sun, frolic in the surf, or lounge on the tree shaded lawn.

Camp Ramsbottom, Rehoboth
Contact: Ray Scully (508-252-6300)
          Camp Ramsbottom has an expansive pavilion, beautiful pools, plenty of parking, and many other amenities.

Commandant's House, Charlestown
Contact: Leana Gallagher (617.263.6490)

Commonwealth Museum, Boston
Contact: Mary McCarthy Collins (617-727-9268)

Community Rowing, Boston
Contact: Leigh Terry (617.779.8267)

Gore Place, Waltham
Contact: Catie Camp (781 894-2798)

Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester
Contact:  (781-729-1158)

Camp WestWoods, Stoughton
Contact: Leslie Forman (781-344-0200)
          Camp WestWoods is located in Stoughton on 10 beautiful acres featuring 2 swimming pools, a playground, basketball, soccer, baseball, and beach volleyball. 

The Lodge at Fort Pond, Littleton
Contact:  Nathan Crowther (978-841-9928)

YMCA Camp Lyndon, Sandwich
Contact: Greg Gouveig (508-428-9251)
          Overlooking a beautiful lake, Camp Lyndon has baseball, boating, swimming, and plenty of wide open space to enjoy your day.

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